Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sister, Sister

My two girls love hamming it up - can you tell?

Hannah in Pigtails, Hannah on the Phone

Hair up,
hair down,
cute abounds!

On the phone
saying, "Hey."
Push the buttons,
now let's play!

Our New Place

Come September 21, this lovely house will become our home, and we will bid adieu to apartment living. I am most looking forward to the backyard patio, and when fall begins I'll be out there praising God for cool breezes and seasons of change. I will thank Him, too, that Hannah will finally have a room of her own, that Jaycie will have a big yard to play in, that we'll have more room to entertain in, and that He provided all of it within our new pared-down budget. We are excited and hugely thankful!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Too Cool, First Day of School

My baby's growing up - she's a third grader now, which blows me away. She started school last Wednesday at a brand new school and did a great job transitioning. She's got a wonderful, imaginative spirit and lots of creative energy. She's got her own cool fashion sense and loves Hannah Montana way too much (she quotes the show all the time). We're working on keeping her attitude sweet and her emotions in check. She is very smart and loves to dance, read, write stories, play pretend (she's got lots of children - around 10 at last count, some of whom are adopted), and play Webkins online. She's a great big sister, who makes her little sister laugh her head off and has begun to teach her little tricks. I am proud of Jaycie.

Saturday, August 4, 2007


First Memory - Being held by my dad and waving at my mom from the parking lot of the hospital, yelling "Whatcha doing up there?" after she'd just had my little sister, Jennifer, and wondering when my new sibling would be able to play chase with me.
First Love - My daddy (of course), but my first crush was Michael McQueary, a dreamy 2nd grader
First Concert - N0-name band: Freeze Frame at Jena High School; name-brand band: Bruce Hornsby & the Range at Harding.
First thought in the morning - "Five more minutes!"
First question you'll ask in heaven - Where's the video vault?
First thought when hearing "vacation" - Vacation, what vacation?
First Best Friend - Kara DeLoach; we were "womb-mates" (our moms were pregnant at the same time)
Last food you ate - Deluxe Fudge Tracks (Kroger brand no-sugar added) ice cream - YUM!
Last CD purchased - Hannah Montana 2 / Meet Miley Cyrus (for Jaycie)
Last good book you read - Maximum Ride: School's Out - Forever by James Patterson (the second in a trilogy about mutant kids with wings - way cool!)
Last time you cried - Last week when I was reminded -- for the umpteenth time -- that life is very complicated and not always fair.
Last time I said "I love you" - This morning when Jaycie left for school and Lee left for work.
Last funny thing you did - Can't remember; Lee's the funny one.
Last T.V. show watched - Monk

Now, Dana and Beth, you're "it."