Monday, January 21, 2008

Hannah Turned Two!

Our growing girl now proudly shows two fingers when asked her age but emphatically tells folks she's "three," followed by our pronouncing the word "two," which she then repeats perfectly (a wacky game of sorts, I guess). She loved blowing out the candles and got so excited opening presents at her family party in Nashville. Her birthday buddy, Great Aunt Mabel, joined the fun, and we all had a wonderful, low-key gathering.

Hannah's words are flowing faster and more freely these days, and she channels the spirit of Curious George daily. She is still a petite little miss, amazingly active, and delightful in every way. Happy Birthday, Hannah!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas Collages & Kissing Cousins

Aunt Pam came up with a fun game for the cousins to play at our Jordan/ Hayes/Fowlkes/Coggins yuletide gathering. Here's the end result:

Also, the youngest cousins on the Cosby side of the family were caught kissing Santa Claus, who'd recently shaved his beard. Here's what was captured on film:

More shots below; ho, ho, ho!