Monday, June 11, 2007

Down Memory Lane: Part One

On Friday, Dad, the girls and I took a trip down Louisiana Highway 165 to visit a couple of places from both my mom's childhood and my own. Our first stop was Volman Lake, a hot spot in the 1950s and 1960s, where Mom and her family spent many days working and only few enjoying it like the locals did. Her grandfather owned the property during her early childhood and built it into a popular recreation destination. He also ran a store there and rented cabins and boats to visitors. Mom's family lived there intermittently in one of the guest cabins between her dad's pipeline jobs that took the family all over the country. Her dad eventually took ownership of the lake after her grandfather died and managed it for a number of years, while the family lived in the apartment over the store. He built up the sandy beach area, adding picnic tables, bath houses, and a concessions area, and also he cultivated minnow ponds for bait sales. Mom and Dad both worked at the lake during their courtship and early marriage, but the property was sold shortly after Mom's dad died and quickly went downhill after that. It's interesting to think that we were walking the same paths that mom did so many years ago, but it's sad to think how things can fall into such disrepair after a relatively short time.


Emma's Mommy said...

I bet this was beautiful in its day. It is a shame it was just left and is in such disrepair now. Hopefully, one day, it will once again be restored to it past glory and your girls will be able to enjoy it.

Terri said...

What wonderful memories Jaycie will have by you showing her blasts from your past. I am glad you are getting a nice refreshing break. Miss ya and see ya soon.

Carla said...

How interesting this must have been for you and Jaycie to see. I am glad that you are enjoying time with your parents. We miss you and hope to see you soon.