Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Many Faces of a Black-Eye (No Make-up Included)

For all you Sesame Street fans out there, this lovely look is being brought to you by the letter "H" and the number "3."

My oh-so-unflattering self portrait collage was taken during a conversation with my Mom just tonight. Long story short, I was lying in bed trying to get Hannah to join me in going to sleep last Saturday night. She was excited and antsy about settling down, since we were spending the night at my in-laws. After numerous attempts at getting her to go from sitting up to the supine position, I counted backwards from three to get her to lie down (my favorite mommy tactic - the countdown). She complied when I got to "one" by doing the Nestea plunge into my cheekbone. Needless to say, I saw stars and my cheek swelled up like a peach! The better it heals, the uglier it gets. Sometimes love really does hurt; literally.


Emma's Mommy said...

Ouch!!!! Glad it is getting better though :-)

Kate said...

Ohhh! I have had many bonks. No black eyes yet, but a nose that I was shocked wasn't bloody. That's been the most memorable beating I've taken. Hope it gets prettier soon.

Terri said...

Wow! Poor thing! What's Lee been teaching her!