Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Love My Life, Love My Family

Where we are in the spring of 2012:
  • Jaycie is 13...beautiful, tall, slender, graceful, witty, thoughtful.
  • Hannah is 6...lovely, limber, smart, funny, compassionate.
  • Will is 3...handsome, hilarious, strong, active.
  • Lee and Ashley are (ahem) in their 40s...busy, hard-working, in love, blessed.


Valerie said...

Maybe we'll soon get together for a late night coffee chit chat night!! So thankful we're neighbors!
oh, Matt is joining the 40s club on Saturday!

Jeanne said...

Your family is beautiful. Isn't God wonderful. He knew all along this is what it would look like. Love you guys so much!