Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Fowlkes' Funniest High Chair Videos

Please ignore the amateur vocals.


Jennifer White said...

I love this video! It's so cute and funny!! Hey, maybe you should make a singing/dancing CD for babies! :)
I'm so happy for y'all! It's easy to see (and hear) how happy you all are! Hannah is so blessed to be apart of your family...and I know you all are blessed to have her. We miss you all! And, hey, I think you need to show a little more personality on your videos, Ashley. (ha ha ha!)
Love, Jen White

Anissa Harris said...

I think we may be at the same stage in babyhood! I'm singing the Love your Rice song to my Kaynan these days. He wasn't too impressed when I offered him peas! They went over better after I added a little salt! Aargh! The baby police will be after me for that one.

I love your blog. I want to make one but need a lesson on how to make it so cute. I love you and am proud of and for you.


Maggie said...

I think it's terrible to make a child sing for her supper! jk (But it is really cute :) )

-Maggie :)

Ashley Fowlkes said...

Jen, We miss you guys, too! We really want to visit AR to see you on our next LA trip! It's been too long, and it's my fault.

'Niss, Seems like forever since any HU trips; I miss them. Maybe this fall? We'll see.

Maggie, You have no idea the sweat shop we run around here! It's crazy!

Beverly said...

I do that too when I think of Shrillary running.