Saturday, March 3, 2007

Strength of Heritage - Fowlkes New and Old

Hannah met her oldest living relative, her 93 year old great- granddaddy, this week. Unfortunately, G-G-daddy was in the hospital because of a fall which resulted in broken bones in his leg and ankle. The two Fowlkes did, however, get to spend a little quality time enjoying each other's company. She "honked" his nose (he obliged and gave her a great big "honk") and sat in his bed for awhile doing some of her tricks, before playing with the equipment became too great of a temptation. G-G-daddy is a wonderful man, whose birth in 1915 was a blessed event. No matter how long his life on earth is, Godd will bless future generations through him. We love you, G-G-daddy!


Almost a Mommy said...

These pictures are so beautiful. I can't wait to make a picture of my "old and new."
Hannah is such a blessing, along with G-G-Daddy!

Elaina Hill said...

These pictures are precious!!! They are something to be treasured!