Saturday, December 15, 2007

Holiday Cheer

Following in the footsteps (or should I say dance steps) of several silly friends, we, too, were elfed! Jaycie had too much holiday shopping today, so she turned into Scrooge!


Michael and Hannah said...

Hi Ashley! I just now found your comment on my blog... is was hiding down there under an old post. So glad I went back and noticed it. I definitely remember you guys! I did not know you had a new addition to your family. How exciting! Michael and I agreed in pre-marital counseling that if we had 3 boys in a row, we'd adopt a little girl from China. Well, we just had a baby girl, but I still find myself day-dreaming about adopting. I think adoption's just always been in my heart since we were a foster family, and since we adopted Corey. Who knows what God has in store for us?? Your family is precious! I'll have to take more time to look through your blog later. Thanks for reaching out! Hannah

Terri said...

Too funny!