Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Holiday Travel: Chinese Style

This video (not filmed by us, by the way), is a hilarious reminder of some of our travel experiences in China a year ago. Even though our group - because of its large size - traveled largely by bus, the crazy traffic as depicted in the video was very noticeable and somewhat disconcerting. Had we been in a smaller vehicle, I would have worried much more than I did speeding down the highways and zig-zagging down the byways of Nanchang with a 7 year old and baby in tow.


Mommy of Boys said...

Hey Ashley,

Will you email your new address, please? Thanks!

Dana said...

It reminds me a little of Hinduras, too! I guess when someone pulls out it front of us on Scottsville Road and we have to slow down slightly, instead of getting mad, we should praise God that we're not driving in China!

Dana said...

YeaH...Honduras, too! Bronchitis obviously affects the fingers!

Chris Deck said...

So true! That was like a trip down memory lane. As bad as that video makes it look, it's even worse in person.

Hey... what is your new mailing address?