Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hannah Loves Cole Loves Hannah Loves Chocolate

Kate and Gilbert brought their sweet little guy over a week or so back when they were in town closing on their house. Hannah loved playing with Cole, as well as mugging for the camera with him as you can see below. I think Cole has just about caught up to her in height, and he sure was talking lots more than last time we were together. These two were as sweet as the brownies they were devouring. Thanks for coming to see us, Kerrigans; we miss you!


Kate said...

Yay! Thanks for adding Cole to your blog. Such sweet pictures, and we LOVED spending time with you all. Thanks for having us over. We miss you all terribly. Love you!

Emma's Mommy said...

What cute sweet photos!!! I love the center picture with Hannah leaning in towards Cole!

Martha said...

Hannah is looking so grown up now! Moving from the baby stage to toddler stage! Just in time since you'll have another in the baby-stage soon! ;)