Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Snow Friday

I'm not sure if Hannah was impressed with the snowfall last week or not, but Jaycie sure was. She and her friend Mollie loved having snowball fights and making snow angels (in the driveway, no less). These photos were taken last Friday, when schools were already out because of sickness; that was convenient!


Chris Deck said...

Hey Guys!

It's been a month since we all arrived back in the States with our daughters... can you believe it?

We've been watching your family's progress and it's wonderful to see everyone doing well. As you've seen on our blog, the twins are great.

BTW, I've checked out some of your other blogs... you all are writers! Lee, I especially liked your poem on Painting Rainbows.

Give Hannah a squeeze on her tickle-spot from us, and try to stay warm!

Rock Chalk!
Chris, Melissa and the Twins

Mommy of Boys said...

I miss that white stuff!