Friday, February 9, 2007

Pretty As A Picture, First Pony Tail, and Shots

Gotta love this pic:
Hannah's got lots of hair, and her bangs are starting to get in her eyes. Her hair is kind of fine, but she's got lots of it. Headbands are Mommy's favorite, but she's figured out how to pull them out, and barettes slip out. The clippy bows are good as long as she doesn't discover them, so now we're experimenting.

With so many options, what's a girl to do?

Medical update: Hannah had her first medical exam yesterday and did very well, if I do say so myself. She has gained a little over a pound since joining the family (she's 18.4 lbs.), which puts her in a whopping third percentile weight category, and her height (27 inches) puts her in the fifth percentile. Our doctor says not to worry, however, because she's growing well, and many Chinese baby girls are smaller than the average American-born child. According to a chart I got from the FCC (Families with Children from China) web site, she's somewhere between the 25th and 30th percentile for growth of Chinese-born baby girls.

She also got 4 shots yesterday, so yesterday afternoon wasn't very fun, and she woke up crying last night more often than normal. This morning she wasn't all that playful, either, and her nap time started a little early. She actually fell asleep in my lap, which is not typical. It's weird for her not to be in a good mood, but I totally understand. Poor baby.


Anonymous said...

Hanna looks like your husband!!

lid 12/20/05

coco said...


Looks like you all are happy!

Leaving 2/2207 for Olivia

Anonymous said...

It was good to catch up when we saw you at the airport in Houston. I have passed on your blog internet address to other interested people. I am not sure how to use this medium for personal contact.
Keep in touch. God bless.
Your Math Teacher,

dublin said...

I love the "framed" picture! And her little pony tail on top is so darn cute!