Saturday, February 3, 2007

Bragging on Ashley

Since we returned from China, I have kinda' abdicated the blogging duties to Ashley. Besides, nobody wants to read about my thoughts while shopping for diapers at Wal-Mart. There must be something about the mundane that keeps me from thinking too deeply.

However, the down side of this is that nobody is here to tell about how fantastic Ashley is as a mom. Since I am working again, she is here all day every day, doing the full-time mommy thing for the first time. She is amazing. She may feel bad for not having everything done, but I am impressed that she gets anything done. I want a parade when I load the dishwasher, but she does the dishes and the laundry, feeds, clothes and diapers the baby, gets Jaycie from school, has the neighbor kids in the house, and still manages to get dinner ready more often than not. She works to balance the attention given to Jaycie and Hannah, and works me in whenever possible.

I am thankful every night for my girls - all three of them. I know that God loves me because He gave me these three precious people to love me and for me to love. I am humbled that He trusts me enough to teach, protect and guide, and I strive to be worthy of that task.

One more thing - I want to say how much it means that so many people have been reading this blog - even after we have returned home. We created it and wrote it partly for our family and friends, but partly to process the whole experience ourselves. To know how many people care enough to read is truly humbling. So thank you for your love and sharing in our lives. We are so much richer because of it.


Mommy of Boys said...

I've always thought Ashley was a phenomenal mommy. I'm so glad she gets to share that love with Hannah now too.

I am so excited that I can still keep up with the goings on of the Fowlkes even here in Alabama! Thanks for sharing!

Dana said...

Love the website, Lee. If I only have 10 minutes on the computer, this is one of the sites I check on.

Anonymous said...

Just want you to know how much I love your site. Your family is definitely one of a kind, very very special. I can't wait till you vist Riverwood with your new addition.

Lisa Jones said...

Dear Lee,
Your three "girls" are very blessed to have you in their lives as you are to be in theirs. May God bless you all as He has already!

nick said...

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