Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Go Fish: Jaycie's Stage Debut

Jaycie's play was last night, and she was awesome! She played a zebra fish with spots (I made her costume!), and she delivered all of her lines on cue. This was the first time she'd wanted to have a speaking part, and she got a good one! My favorite line: "Yeah, my extreme makeover didn't turn out quite right."

Hannah helped Daddy film the fun then spent some time dancing to the cute musical numbers.

Nannie and Grandaddy had dinner with us beforehand and came with us. They braved a really bad storm on the way hom, but they got home safe and sound. The principal actually had the play start early because he was afraid the storm might impact the performance, but it went around us.


TLC said...

I love her costume. You did a great job. I didn't know about this creative side of you :).

Emma's Mommy said...

Graphic design AND costume making??? Such talent!!!!