Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Movin' On Up

Hannah's physical development is going very well, almost too well at times (usually when my back is turned). It's rather difficult some days to keep up with her!

She is now - drumroll, please - in addition to being an adept independent walker, quite the curious explorer! In addition to her two-legged mobility, she has decided that climbing is her new hobby.

I think *rappelling is next (*not "repelling"- oops; thanks, Joe!!).


Emma's Mommy said...

You know - most moms would have been like - 'no, no, let's not climb on that' But you actually stopped to take pictures!!! I love it. That is something I would do - so that I could scrapbook it of course :-)

Anonymous said...

Ash & Lee,
Hannah is growing and learning so quickly and I LOVE seeing her progress with mobility online. Jaycie and Hannah are the most precious girls and I love them dearly. Seeing Hannah grow physically and in her mobility is such a blessing!!!
Thank you for sharing!
Love you all bunches.