Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter!

Hannah and Jaycie started out the Easter weekend at a neighborhood egg hunt, hosted by friends from down the street. It was a cold event (our hostess had to hide eggs amidst snow flurries that morning), but the whole crew had loads of fun. It didn't take Hannah long to figure out how the fun worked, and she and Jaycie ended up with a basket full of candy and prizes.

The festivities continued into Sunday, when we went to the Fowlkes grandparents' house for lunch, followed by another hunt with the Coggins cousins. The weather was much sunnier and warmer on than it had been on Saturday, which made it more comfortable to be outside.

(I forgot my camera at home, so I'll have to get Lee's pics and post them later.)

I am so thankful for my family today, and for the saving power of God's mercy and grace, a fact that folks the whole world over celebrate this weekend.


TLC said...

Wow! It is amazing to me how much Hannah has grown in the short time I've known her. You both are doing an excellent job. She's a beautiful little girl.

dublin said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful Easter!