Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hannah's First (Group) Date

I really thought I'd already posted these amazingly cute pics of Hannah and her first interactions with one of her new baby buddies, Michael. They really seemed to hit it off at her welcome home shower. He's a little younger than she, but he'll probably always be taller. We really love his parents, so we may just draw up a contract and seal the deal now. Oh, wait, Eli might be a little jealous, and he's got a great family, too. Then there's Jack, and of course Logan, and both of their families are great - whatever is a mother to do? [Sigh]

So many choices; so much time.

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Beth said...

How cute!!! We weill need to save these pictures for later, just in case! :-) It will be so fun watching them learn to play together and be friends!