Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Meeting Mimi and PawPaw

How sweet it is!

Hannah is loving her Louisiana grandparents' attention, and I think they're equally enamored. They'll be here for her 1st birthday - tomorrow - hooray!

Jaycie has loved having them here, too, and when she invited her neighbor friend Mollie over today, I heard her tell her, "...so you can hear my Mimi's funny stories."


carla starling said...

Happy First Birthday Hannah!!!!!!

The Starlings

Gioietta said...

Happy 1st birthday!
Ashley and Lee, I dont' know if you remember me. I am Miriam, maiden name Console, I am Shawn and Donna Daggett's niece and grew up in Bergamo (my parents are Lucy and Tony, they still live there!). I am still very close to Rachel Gray-Nix and she gave me your blog address. I just want to let you know I am rejoicing with you in the gift of precious Hannah, so happy she is in your home after being in your heart so long.
Dio vi benedica sempre! In Jesus,