Friday, January 12, 2007

Super Daddy, Super Sis

Lee is a super daddy because:
He loves his girls.
He cherishes his girls.
He protects his girls.
He loves to make them laugh, but he also seeks out teachable moments.
He is patient when Hannah is a mommy's girl and will do the "dirty work" (make bottles, grab diapers/burb cloths, etc.) when she's being clingy. He is accommodating when Jaycie wants to be held like a baby or carried while asleep (usually pretend) from the car.
He asks me how I'm doing with all of this transition and really cares.
He is amazing.

Jaycie is a super big sister because:
  • She loves to make her little sister laugh.
  • She is quiet when her sister is napping.
  • She is helpful when I have my hands full with Hannah.
  • She is learning when Hannah wants to be held and when she doesn't.
  • She gives us all hugs when we need them and surprises us with them when we don't.
  • She shares her joy fully.
She is amazing.


Dana said...

Ashley is a super Mommy because:
*She is patient with her girls
*She loves to read with her girls
*She endured two years of 'labor' for sweet Hannah
*She gives her family lots of love
*She is a great example of a godly woman

I'm sure other readers have some things to add here.........

Leda Perry said...

Dad sure looks happy...what a nice photo!