Saturday, January 20, 2007

More Partying with Birthday Buddies

Hannah shares a birthday with her Aunt Mabel and her late Great Granddad LaFevor. Today she shared a party with both Aunt Mabel and Lee, whose birthday is today (3 days after theirs). Our special friends Mrs. Dana and her daughter Megan, baked two beautiful ladybug cakes (one especially for Hannah), and Lee baked a cake that looked just like the one he had on his very first birthday. It was the only one he got to share with both Aunt Mabel and his Granddad. Today's family get-together was wonderful. We shared time with the Fowlkes, the Coggins, the Jordans and the Hayes. We tried to get a picture of all the cousins on the couch (just a plain green one), but I'll have to get a copy to post (I was busy trying to get the kiddos' attention while everyone else took pics - a very "red couch" moment).

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Anonymous said...

Thank you planning such an extra special day. I love you. Aunt Mabel