Saturday, January 27, 2007

Tag, I'm IT!

I was tagged (first time ever, BTW) by a fellow adoptive blogger mom at Dumplings Three and asked to list six strange things about myself. Here goes:
1. I love cheesy pop music - I particularly like the songs on my Partridge Family and a Brady Bunch greatest hits CDs.
2. I began reading at a really early age (somewhere between 3 and 4), and I can't walk or drive past anything in print without reading it.
3. I used to bite my nails, but I don't anymore; instead I chew on my cuticles to relieve tension.
4. I struggle to throw away anything that has writing on it without reading it first, and I seldom throw away letters; because of that, I have tons of boxes of cards letters from friends, several dating back to when I was in third grade.
5. When I was a child, I would get upset if my mom made a PB&J sandwich and put the peanut butter on the wrong side (I think I liked it on the top); flipping the sandwich over didn't fix it (can you say, "type A personality?").
6. I am related to Jesse James.

I've got to tag some of you guys, but I've got mommy duties calling. Be forewarned -- I'll be back!


Monica said...

Wow, Ashley, I didn't realize you had THIS blog! All I had ever seen was your design blog! Too I have some READING to do! I'm so glad you have a blog that has STORIES and stuff on it!

I enjoyed reading your strangeness list! (It was my first time ever to be tagged, too.) are related to Jesse James?!...when I was a little bitty kid, I asked my great grandpa what the J. stood for in his middle name. He told me "James" (jokingly, though I thought he was telling me the TRUTH), so, I grew up thinking his name was Jessie James Thrush.

When I was 40, my sister-in-law asked for a diagram of my family tree and for Christmas that year, she made me the most gorgeous wall hanging embroidered over a piece of my husband's great great aunt's handmade quilt... my husband's family tree and mine, joined. My mom saw the wall hanging a few weeks after Christmas and asked why it said my great grandfather was Jessie "James" Thrush. Turns out his middle name was JOHN and he had just been pulling my leg that one time when I was a kid! Oh well...and here, all my life I've thought my great grandfather was named after the famous outlaw!


Ashley Fowlkes said...

Hey, Monica! Thanks for your comment; how funny your family tree story was! I tried linking to your blog, but it seems to be password protected. Could you add me to your reading group? My email address is Thanks!