Friday, January 26, 2007

Jamming Out in Her Jammies

The reports we received about Hannah before we met her said that she was fond
of music, and we can really tell based on what she likes to play with. Her Cosby grandparents got her these maracas for her birthday. One is a traditional shaker but the other is high-tech; it plays music, counts, and changes colors when shaken or tapped.They're really cool! She also received an amazingly interactive music table (we removed the legs b/c she can't stand unassisted) at the shower hosted by friends from church. It plays jazz, bee-bop, and other musical styles, teaches opposites, letters and numbers and lots of other fun concepts. Several friends got her the same toy (another fun one that all the one year olds love - a fan-powered musical ball popper), so I exchanged them and was able to get a neat-o drum that lights up with numbers and letters; it responds to Hannah's tapping it with a bongo sound and other fun effects. We love to jam out in our jammies!

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