Saturday, December 23, 2006

Forbidden City/Tiannamen Square/Great Wall Pics

Wow - we really are in China!


Jennifer Jane said...

Thanks so much for sharing the pics and keeping us informed of your travels. Only a few more hours before you get Hanndah - yeah! I'm so excited I can't sleep....I'm getting a new niece for Christmas. :)
Love you guys very much.

Lee Fowlkes said...

Shouldn't you be in bed? I just saw your post. I'm sorry that our Skype connection isn't working. It did long enough for us to leave a message on Mom & Dad's machine and to have part of a conversation w/ Lee's parents, but the "free" feature seems to have disappeared - stink! I wish I could talk to you guys! Love you! -Ash

Anonymous said...

Hello Fowlkes Family! I'm glad to hear you all have found comforts of home (coffee, skittles, etc) (Although that coffee gum doesn't sound too appetizing!). I know you don't need any of us to say this, but ENJOY every second, you'll be back here before you know it (WITH hannah)!
(oh and about Christmas-of course it is celebrated in China- Santa has to fly ALL OVER the world in "one" night?)

Sarah White

carla starling said...

The Great Wall of China, How awesome!!! This is too cool. Well it won't be long now until you get to hold Hannah for the first time. Just think The Fowlkes family of three will soon be The Fowlkes family of four. Enjoy this experience that God has given you. Cherish each moment. Take care!


Anonymous said...

By the time you read this, you will have Hannah! We are so excited for you!! As a person who has been adopted, let me just say that Hannah will one day realize the wonderful blessing that you are giving her! There was a time in my life (as a child) when children from school said things like, "You weren't wanted so your mom and dad had to take you." My mother quieted my tears with, "You are selected, not expected!" I know that someday Hannah will understand the difficult process that you went through to select her, and be blest again when she comes to the realization that she is also selected by God! Lee you are right, there are SO many similarities between earthly adoption and adoption into God's family. I am blest to have experienced both and Hannah will be too! I guess I'm just being stupid going on and on about this - maybe its the fact that I haven't had my morning coffee and I couldn't sleep most of the night last night because of a cough.
Regardless of all my babbling, we want you to know that we have been praying for you all as you continue in this amazing adventure of growth (in many ways) for your family.

Deana said...

Ni hao Fowlkes family!! Congrats on making it to China, yea jet lag is a bummer but come tommorrow all that will be forgotten!!!! Lillian tells me to tell you to have the best Christmas ever -- I'm sure you will too!! Love, the Groves family

jonathan woods said...

Lee, Ashley, & Jaycie,
It seems you are having a wonderful trip to China. I hope everything goes smoothly and that God continues to bless your visit and adoption. Jaycie - your journal is wonderful. It's great to read something from your perspective. Lee & Ashley... one of these days I will make it over to your house. Let's chat about the possibility of doing some photos of Hanna Li when you get her home.

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said... truly is China!!! Best of all, you are hours away from Hannah!!!!!

Michael said...

So cool. All of this makes me smile.

Anonymous said...

Excellent news! Have fun.
(And WHAT is the deal with guy on the left?!!!)

-Scott White