Monday, December 4, 2006

Inspired by Hannah's Namesake (1 Samuel 1)

My dear child,

I know you’ve been struggling desperately to hold onto hope for quite some time now, and I’m sorry that lately you’ve grown weary of waiting.

It pains me to see you holding back tears, your smile intact, in the company of those whose blessings you live out only in dreams. You share their delight but yearn for a joy that’s uniquely your own.

I ache when I hear your lonely cries at night, mourning the life you fear may never come. I share your sorrow; I feel your grief. If you could see the plan as I do, you would rest easier, knowing that it will all be worth the wait. My daughter, your day will come.

Until that time, be patient; trust in me. Know that my plan for you (as well as for all mankind) is at work every second of the day. Ultimately, your sorrow will pass, your pain will fade, and your reward will last forever.

Finally, may you find joy in your journey and pleasure in the process, as you watch my plan unfold. I care for you more than you can imagine and only want what’s best for you. Commit your cares to me, and your comfort will be complete.

I love you.


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