Saturday, December 16, 2006

Where in the World Will the Fowlkes Family Be?

For all of you visual folks, I have posted maps to better help you figure out where we will be during our trip. We will arrive in Beijing on 12/21, meet our travel group the next day, and be there until the morning of Christmas Eve, staying in the Radisson SAS Hotel. We will fly to Nanchang in Jiangxi Province on 12/24 and meet Hannah that afternoon (hooray!). We will be there through 12/30, staying at Gloria Plaza Hotel. The final leg of our trip will then take us to Guangzhou (the U.S. Consulate is there), and we will be there through 12/5, staying at the White Swan Hotel.

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Mommy of Boys said...

Safe travels to you! Have a wonderful time bonding with Hannah. I can't wait to hear of all the fun you have!