Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Beauty, Bleakness, and Baby Stuff

We went to the Teng Wang Pavilion today, which is right around the corner from our hotel. We can actually see it from the end of the hall on our floor. It is a beautiful piece of architecture, with beautiful murals and woodwork throughout. We were supposed to see a 10-minute performance, but they were working on the stage, so we just toured inside. It was way colder outside than we thought, but we ventured out a couple of times to see the scenery. Hannah did well in the carrier we brought for her. Jaycie was wanting to be carried after awhile, too. Daddy obliged, but only for a minute or two. Sweet Daddy.

There are so many amazingly beautiful things we've gotten to see thus far, and some amazingly unusual things, as well. The strange thing about this place is how one can view such clean newness and rich beauty on one street then turn the corner and encounter starkness and poor conditions the next. It's not unusual to see clothes drying right beside meat hanging outside of people's windows, either. Weird to us, normal to them.

On the Hannah end of things, today's been a good one. She turned a corner and started letting her daddy do more with her. She loved that she was holding on to his finger this morning when she was taking her bottle. She'll soon be a daddy's girl, just like Jaycie. Jaycie fed her at lunch and has been a source of constant help to us. We're so glad she's here with us.

Talk to you all later! Supper's around the corner!

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Anonymous said...

How hard is it to do another video?? The pictures and narrative are great...Hannah and Jaycie are quite a pair...I knew they would be...We love you tons..Love MiMi and PawPaw