Sunday, December 31, 2006

Yin and Yang

I have been welcomed, smiled at and complimented numerous times during this incredible journey, yet I have also been stared at, gawked at, and a couple of times even glared. I have eaten delicious delicacies that melted in my mouth, and I have also sampled unrecognizable, undigestible (at least to me) Chinese favorites. I've gone from freezing cold winds to balmy breezes, alternating from shivering on the Great Wall to sweating hot, while carrying a nice, warm sleeping baby in a carrier down the streets of Guangzhou. I have seen rich, luxurious accommodations as well as windowless shacks. We've had lots of happy, giggly baby moments, but we've also had a few sad, tearful wailing moments (mostly at bedtime). We've enjoyed life with a happy, cooperative, flexible child and, well, we'll keep that other side private. Life is all about balance, and I'm thankful for all of my experiences. Without variety, life would be so dull, now wouldn't it?

Life at the White Swan Hotel has been marvelous, and we're really enjoying the sites, scenes, and shopping around town. We're within walking distance of lots of parks, several eating places and tons of little shops. The weather has been fantastic, not too hot, nor too cold. We went on an evening riverboat cruise last night that was awesome. They really light up the city with lots of light displays.

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Dana Gibbs said...

What a photogenic family!