Thursday, December 21, 2006

Yes, Kentucky, there is a Santa Claus (in China)

When we found out that we would be in China during Christmas, I wasn't sure what that would be like. But today when we ventured out to the market down the street they not only had signs like this one, but they were playing Christmas carols in English and selling Christmas trees, ornaments, and cards. I guess that capitalism is alive and well, even here. I have to say that it was rather ironic that we were in China listening to "Ave Maria" -in Latin, no less- on the intercom.

Okay, so here's my funny story for today. We were at breakfast and I wanted an authentic Chinese experience. I found some things like fried noodles, stir-fried vegetables, and beef. But there was a tray of toppings like green onions, noodle strips, and little pieces of meat. The only problem was that I couldn't figure out what it went on. So I did what anybody who only knows two words in Chinese would do. I asked.

Evidently the phrase "What is this for?" doesn't translate well, no matter how succintly it is enunciated or how many hand gestures accompany it. Ditto for the question "How do you eat this?" To make it worse, Ashley and Jaycie are on the other side of the room laughing at and ridiculing me. Finally, after about five minutes of futile gesticulation, I gave up, said "Thank You," and went back to my seat.

The really good news, however, is that they do have coffee, and it is pretty good. I even found coffee gum at the store today. I knew I liked the Chinese people.
Well, I've got to catch the end of this rap video on Chinese MTV. Zaijian!


Dana Gibbs said...

So, have you mastered chopsticks yet?

vivianbeth said...

Awe ... coffee gum. I should have known if anyone could find such a thing he would be you. LOL I have thought about you guys all this week. When Tuesday came, they are leaving today. LOL

I'm so happy for you all!! I had feeling she'd be your all's greatest Christmas presant this year!! If things should become to busy for me to check in again this week end, I want to say it now ..

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! God always keeps His promises!!

Dana Gibbs said...

What time zone are you in? What's the time difference from there to here?

Anonymous said...

Of course you would find Coffee gum! I am so glad that you are keeping all of us updated!!! I am so excited for you guys! I hope everything is well! Merry Christmas!!! -Teri