Thursday, December 21, 2006

Link to Pictures

Here is a link to a page at where we are putting all of our pictures. If you want to you can go there and see our pictures organized by day. We are just uploading them all. Maybe later we'll edit for quality. Enjoy.


Jennifer Jane said...

Ash, Lee & Jaycie,
I am SO excited for you all and cannot wait to see the pictures of when you meet Hannah!
The family has all been checking out your web site and I am anxiously awaiting an update. :)
(Mom would comment, but cannot figure out how to post one.)

We're praying for you guys!!!
If you have access to call via the Internet, call my cell tomorrow.
Love you guys!

Maggie said...

Jaycie has turned into such a beautiful young lady! I remember when she was so little she fit in my arms! I can't wait to see her new little sister!

Jeanne said...

Hey Fowlkes family!

Glad you made it and got some sleep and food! Thank you for allowing us to experience this grand adventure with you...I can't wait to see pictures of Hannah Li Fowlkes!!!

Much love and many prayers,