Saturday, December 30, 2006

Nanchang Beauty

We loved our week long stay in Nanchang and will have many stories to share with Hannah about our stay in the province of her birth. We'd love to share additional photos with you all through Dropshots (the "China Pictures" link under "Favorite Family Links" takes you there), but because of the earthquake in Taiwan, the Internet connection is making it way too slow to download photos.
So in the meanwhile, we'll try to post our favorites here. We made it to the Guangzhou, and we are staying in the White Swan Hotel, which is so very nice. We'll post more later. Love to you all!


Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

What beautiful pictures!!! What a wonderful bunch of memories you will have of your trip to China!

Anonymous said...

I wondered if the earthquake would effect your ablility to post, glad to see it hasn't ( other than the pics). I wish I had the same excuse, sometimes my comments show up other times they don't...Your on the home stretch now, look forward to seeing all of you in B.G. It has been unusually warm here ( like in the 60's). Mollie says to tell Jaycie "hi" and that she misses her and she can't wait to meet and hold Hannah.

Blessings to you,
The Hunts

Kathryn said...

Love following your journey to Hannah. We are also a CHI family just starting the paperchase. With the new regulations, we had to change from China to Vietnam, but Ilove following many of the families adopting from China.

Tracy said...

Wow - just found your blog! What beautiful photos, and your new daughter is just precious! Your older daughter is a doll, too! What a sweet family! Congrats! This gets me excited for our journey (hopefully next summer?) We are LID 11/22/05.