Monday, December 4, 2006

Join us for a Wild Christmas Ride!

Hello, family and friends! Hop on board for an amazing journey to China. The sleigh will pull out in just two weeks and two days, so you better get moving. Make sure all your paperwork is in order - by the way, it takes two years to process it all, so I hope you started early. Remember to pack light, because there's a weight limit of 44 lbs. per bag in China. There's a WalMart where we're going (go figure!), so you'll be able to pick up a few items if you forget them. There is even a KFC and Pizza Hut nearby (which has lead to the recent decline in the health of the Chinese population), but don't expect everthing to taste just like it does in the States. Be flexible, and sample everything on your plate (just ignore the cooked heads). Don't drink the water. Don't be offended if people stare. We tend to stand out a little bit over there. Here's the schedule:

  • Dec. 20 - Leave for Beijing (on my sister's birthday!)
  • Dec. 21 - Arrive in Beijing
  • Dec. 22 &23 - Sightsee in Beijing / CHI orientation
  • Dec. 24 - Fly to Nanchang (in the Jiangxi province where Hannah's been living)
  • Dec. 25 - Meet Hannah! (hugs and kisses and tears all around, I'm sure)
  • Dec. 26 - Adopt Hannah!
  • Dec. 27-29 - Hang out in Nanchang
  • Dec. 30 - Fly to Guangzhou (stay in the White Swan Hotel)
  • Dec. 31 & Jan. 1 - Free days (what a happy new year!)
  • Jan. 2 - Medical exam
  • Jan. 3 - Paperwork at American Consulate
  • Jan. 4 - Receive Hannah's Visa
  • Jan. 5 - Head home
  • Jan. 6 - Work to recover from jet lag
Here we go!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear of your safe arrival. This is such a great way to share your adventure with us. Thank you. Dad arrived in Donetsk, Russia safely as well. Have fun!!!Erica