Saturday, December 30, 2006

One of the Saddest Moments of our Happy Journey

Visiting this small village outside of Nanchang was one of the most difficult things we've done on this trip. The sadness of the situation compared with the happiness we'd been feeling overwhelmed me more than I thought it would. Hannah stayed asleep the whole time (not that she'd remember it), and I held her close when my tears began to flow, thankful that we would be able to keep her warmer and safer than these conditions could have afforded. We passed out candy, which seemed like a miniscule offering, but the small tokens were much appreciated by the older folks and children to whom they were distributed. Jaycie did very well. She was very observant and polite, and she passed out candy to several people. I think she understands better now how many in the world live, with so much less than we have.

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