Sunday, December 24, 2006

How Could Christmas Be Any Sweeter?

Merry Christmas, everyone! Thanks for all of the encouraging comments. You are in our hearts, and we feel your prayers with us. Hannah is doing so amazingly well. She talks and giggles, and the only tears were at bedtime last night, but that's to be expected. She adores her big sister, who is equally enamored. We are all bonding so very well and are so thankful for this amazing journey.

Santa came last night, thrilling Jaycie when she awoke at half past midnight. Fortunately, she went back to sleep until about 6 a.m., when she could stand it no longer and had to help Hannah open her presents. I'll get her to add details to her journal some time today so you can share in her excitement. Also, don't forget to go to DropShots to look at pics and video we'll be posting daily.

Today's firsts (Hannah's, of course): first poopie diaper (Jaycie was so grossed out), first breakfast (yummy congee, steamed egg, and watermelon), first bath, and first nap. Yesterday we enjoyed the first smile and first giggle soon after meeting her. She's so responsive to us; what a joy! We are having such a Merry Christmas, we hope you are, too. Love to you all!

P.S. If you're posting comments as "Anonymous" don't forget to add your name. Also, we don't know which set of parents are posting, so could Mimi and PawPaw and Nannie and Grandaddy add an extra identifier? Love to you all!

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Deana said...

Ho-Ho-Ho! Lillian is all nestled snug in her bed dreaming of what Santa will bring in the morning -- sounds like you guys have made a great start to life as a family!! Keep the posts coming and wishing safe travels home!

The Groves family