Friday, December 15, 2006

'Twas the Night Before Christmas...

...and all through the house, the Fowlkes were ecstatic 'cause Hannah was in the house!

...and all through the motel, the Fowlkes were ecstatic 'cause Hannah was in the hotel! (New edit in response to my husband's astute comment.)

We have big news to share: we just found out that we will meet Hannah a day earlier than we were originally told; we get to meet her on Christmas Eve! Isn't that awesome?!? After we told Jaycie and she squealed (loudly) with delight, she said, "Santa's bringing her, because he delivers all the presents on Christmas Eve." And what a present she will be!


Lee Fowlkes said...

I'm pretty sure you can't use the word house to rhyme with house - it's the same word. I thought an English major like you would know better.

I'm working on my own poem rip-off. I'll post it soon. Maybe I'll be inspired on the plane.

Dana Gibbs said...

Love the playful, Lee, did this work for you?

Anonymous said...

howdy Fowlkes family!! Bet you don't hear that in China. We are so glad you made it there safely, and will be receiving an early Christmas present with meeting Hannah a day early. Take lots of tissues, I am sure there will be many happy tears when you meet that special girl. Sam loved Jaycie's journal and can't wait for her to get home to tell him about China and her new sister. We will be looking for new updates and praying for all of you.
God be with you
The Wells family